Eclipse Of The Crimson Moon

As I slept a fitful, restless, sleep
images of Islam in did creep
I tossed, I turned, I did protest
Lord why does this deny my rest?

Brighter and stronger one image remained
a crescent moon and star, and the sky was stained
with the blood of martyrs and again I cried,
‘Father, please, avenge those who have bled and died!

As I watched and kneeled, the moon turned red
now covered with blood of Saints now dead
The star was cast into the sea
A voice like thunder said “Now hear me!”

“The moon you see that seems so bright
Has of itself, no living light
It only takes what the sun has given
and pretends to be the voice of Heaven”

The lies, the death, the martyred saints
on that dead rock their blood now paints
My Son hath light and the life I give
and in that light the Saints now live

Behold the sky! Now stand and see!”
and countless Saints now knelt with me
A shadow, faint, low in the skies
slowly, steadily, began to rise

As one we stood, and the shadow rose
with the Sun on the backs of our battle clothes
weapons raised from girded hips
made complete the full eclipse

The dream complete, sleep took its place
and I awoke at dawn and praised His grace
No longer fearful, I prayed and planned
For now I knew we all must stand.



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