The first step is admitting….

My name is Dexter Americus and I have a confession to make: I am an addict.

It is what is on my mind as I wake up in the morning. It invades my thoughts throughout the day.

I will do things unheard of to maintain my addiction and have a steady supply of the thing I crave.

I was not always like this, as a young man, I flirted with it recreationally. As I grew older, it consumed me. It still does.

It has crossed my mind recently that, someday soon, I may not be able to quench my desire as simply as I have been able to.

As I mulled this over in my mind, It became clear that I may indeed become a criminal in order to feed this overwhelming urge. I may steal, alienate myself from friends, even members of my own family if I have to. I WILL have what I want and no-one, not friends, family, law enforcement, Religious Fundamentalists,….NO-ONE will stand between me and my addiction.

Will I use force?

Oh yeah.

Will I cause injury to another human being standing against me?


Ultimately I must answer this one question: “Am I willing to fight to the death to enjoy what I love”

The answer? ….. a resounding “YES!

I am Dexter Americus and I am addicted to my American Freedom and way of life… and, no, I will not be seeking counseling.


2 thoughts on “The first step is admitting….

  1. Very good, I too am an addict, I am addicted to my British Freedom, democracy, culture and way of life, thank you for helping me to face my addiction.

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