A searing Indictment Against Self-Hating Jew, Harvey Weinstein, by Daniel Greenfield

“On the same day that a family of five were being murdered in their home in Israel, Harvey Weinstein ran a self-congratulatory promotional piece for his company’s terrorist propaganda flick, Miral. The photos stand out. The fat smirking face of Harvey Weinstein contrasted with the sleeping baby, the smiling little boys and the earnest couple who were their parents. They are all dead, and a Harvey Weinstein lives on to smirk another day. So it is with perpetrators and victims. The innocent children and the fat ugly men who profit from trafficking in the narrative of their killers.

So began a “from the heart” indicting and comprehensive post regarding the brutal murders in Samaria of members of the Fogel family.  Harvey Weinstein (The Weinstein Co.) has produced a terrorist puff piece entitled Miral, by filmmaker Julian Schnabel. Taken from the novel of the same name, Miral is a pro Palestinian look at a young woman in a Palestinian orphange in the late ’40’s and her later work in refugee camps.

Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish Blog) takes offense, to put it mildly, at Weinsteins denouncement of Peter King and the hearings focusing on Islam Radicalization in the U.S. Weinstein even goes so far as to suggest King may gain some insight by going to see his latest propaganda piece.

The brutal and barbaric murders of the Fogel Family must have pushed Daniel over the edge. I know it has sent me there.

I will not presume to quote his entire article here and dissect his points and summations. I can only say “Daniel, if I were a writer of your caliber, this is what I would have written. Thank you for being a voice of reason in a PC world of absolute madness.

Please read it for yourself here:


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