Enabling Jihad

Once again, my account has been disabled by the happy Dhimmies over at Facebook. They have joined the ranks of the other Jihadi enablers. The lefties that pander and coddle the Islamic whiners and liars, and now the President of these United States has stood up to be counted with the Mujahadeen by removing a despot so they can have free reign in yet another collapsing empire, Libya.

Afghanistan, Somalia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, and many others have now fallen to the enemy. Great Britain is on the brink.  Oh, I have no qualms calling Islam and the Sandies our enemy. That is exactly what they are. The enemies of freedom, the very enemies of life as we know it. Barack Obama can be counted among them. It is my view, that this man is an enemy of the State, not you or I. He has weakened this nation, befriended her enemies and turned his back on the American people. He does NOT love this country nor its Constitution on which it was founded.

Calling Libya a threat to America in order to attack and replace a despicable ruler with the Mullahs of death and barbarism has, in fact, created an even greater threat to America. A note to those that monitor the sites of Patriots and Citizens (people that would die for this country and its people) instead of the approaching Islamic tide of Sharia, Pedophilia, Supremacy, and true bigotry: You have wasted valuable time labeling  your fellow citizens as the enemy. You are now a cog in the wheels of a seventh century   ideology of conquest, plunder, rape, slavery, and murder. Sleep well, Dhimmies, for you will need your strength when your harsh taskmaster requires everything from you.

I make no threats. I don’t have to. I have read the writing on the wall. You should have done the same.

I and others like me are not the enemy. The enemies of America wish to bring her to her knees. We would fight to raise her back up where she belongs! Those that aid and abet the enemy are themselves enemies of the State. In that respect, members of your current administration are enemies of the State, and by association, enemies of the People as well.



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