Brothers in Arms or The Unity of Brothers of Other Mothers

I was reminded of this post today. It is imperative that, as a free people, we put aside the views that divide us. Doctrines that chafe your sensibilities, or the idea that other folks have doctrines at all need to be placed on a back burner. Islam advances as we stop to condemn each other. If we are not alert and advancing ourselves, our chances of victory are slim to none. So I repost…


On Nov, 27, 1095 Pope Urban II responded to pleas from Byzantium regarding the attacks from Islam and assembled a crowd of peasants, religious leaders, and nobility. His speech that day changed the course of European history and, I would say, the history of the modern world as well.

Islam had been on the march for over 400 years, expanding from the Arab lands to Europe, Africa, and much of Asia.

As a Catholic Pope, Urban was at religious odds with the Byzantium ruler, Alexius Comnenus. Roman Catholic believers held that the Greek Christians were decadent and, at times, persecution from both side was very common. Despite his differences, Urban held a council and made a choice to respond with a speech that birthed the Crusades.

Medieval Europe was in a constant state of war between rulers and kingdoms. While the kingdoms of Europe battled each other, Islam, united by a single mandate, was conquering the known world. Religious fervor fueled the march from the sands of the Middle-East to the greener lands of the north and west. They seemed unstoppable.

The Pope recounted the murders, rapes, plunder, and savagery from the communique from Alexius to the crowd. He chastised the in-fighting among the nations and exhorted the feuding knights and soldiers “Soldiers of Hell, become Soldiers of the Living God!”

With that one speech, the warring clans and competing faiths took up arms against a formidable enemy. They stood shoulder to shoulder against a common enemy. Eastern European nations joined their one time foes against the Muslim Hordes. Only when they stood side by side did the Infidels see victory. When the petty disagreements were set aside and focus was on the true enemy, the Crusaders were victorious.

Today we see the same situation before us. Islam has reared its ugly and barbaric head once more and the cancer of this hellish ideology is metastasizing  throughout the world. They have a mandate, they have the desire, and are not afraid of death. As a matter of fact, they relish the thought of dying in their Jihad against civilization. The mythical rewards are much better for one who dies in battle.

We, on the other hand, have been  fat and happy in our western way of life and are free to express ourselves in almost any way imaginable. We are Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Pagan and every subclass of each. We find ourselves debating online our own particular doctrines, beliefs, and cultural rules. While we debate and one-up each other, Islam moves forward.

While we relish and celebrate the fact that we ‘owned’ or ‘pwned’ someone in a debate, a  jihadist somewhere holds a severed head for the camera.  While we seemingly debunk the faith of another, a country falls to Islamic rule. While we make a case for our beliefs or disbeliefs, a woman is brutally raped, blamed for her own attack, and murdered by her neighbors.

People, get over these petty differences. Stand against this tsunami of hate and slavery coming our way. Stand up next to your neighbor, your friends, your former enemies, people you don’t even know! It is only together that we will quell the flames that Islam has fanned. Don’t allow the Jihadists to approach our villages and find us already victims at the hands of each other.








3 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms or The Unity of Brothers of Other Mothers

    • Michael! Fb booted me off again, man. I am at FreedomTorch as well as InfidelsUnited. FreedomTorch is a conservative site and Infidels is ….well… Infidels. A little crude at times and a few proud Atheists. Good to hear from you!! Dex

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