A Dexter Book Review (and Recommendation)

RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION- Excuse Me While I Save The World

by Andrew Breitbart


Finally received The King of New Media’s current book after pre-ordering it over a month ago. Although it sat on my desk a couple of days while I took care of other matters, after I cracked it opened last night I could not put it down.

Andrew gives us a glimpse into his Conservative worldview and how it finally manifested and matured.  Like many Americans, Breitbart slacked a bit in his teen years, attended a liberal and debauched University, casting aside the views and values of his parents. Not a saint by any measure, but who is?

Andrew’s initial awakening came at a historic event in our American timeline that was sullied by the Left’s attacks on Supreme Court Nominee, Clarence Thomas. Watching the Liberal MSM’s pathetic much ado about nothing during Thamas’s confirmation hearings, Breitbart was disgusted.

He chronicles the further events in his young life that brought him back to the conservative views of Mom and Dad. He propels the narrative forward describing the advent of the internet (no mention of Al Gore here…) working with Arianna Huffington in her conservative phase, being an ardent  and addicted student of the World Wide Web, and then establishing The Huffington Post with Arianna.

He pulls no punches as he relates his journey into the media world that he had come to despise and disrespect, citing many examples of their mis-handling of news and events that always seemed to benefit the Left.

He then began to see what he had to do as a fellow soldier of Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and others…..and the rest is history.

I found it to be a very fascinating read. Entertaining, educational, and enlightening.

Get it

Read it

Live it

Ninquam Summitto!


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