You Believe What You Want, But What Does It Imply?

While I feel everyone has a right to their own belief system, what they choose to regard as truth or lie, and whether the government ever tells the truth, consider this for a moment; What are the implications of what you believe and post in caps at every opportunity?

Yes, it has been very difficult, to say the least, in the last few years to weed the truth from the blatant lies coming from the White House and its allies in the MSM. The controversies regarding citizenship and birth certificates, campaign lies that peaked at an all-time high recently, and the acceptance and utilization of previously lambasted policies are just a minor sampling of the Encyclopedia Of  White House Bullshit, Volumes 1-22.

Everything is now a conspiracy. Everything. I would venture to say that there is even a conspiracy to claim everything as a conspiracy. That’s my conspiracy.

The recent events in Abbottabad, Pakistan are not immune.

“Bin Laden is dead”,

“Bin Laden is not dead”,

“Bin Laden has been dead”,

It’s a White House hoax to induce more votes”,

“They spelled his name with a ‘U’, not an ‘O’, something’s fishy”.

To claim this is just a hoax is to malign the very warriors so many self proclaimed Patriots hold in high esteem. We bristle and burn at the contrived and shameless prosecution of  warriors that have done what they were trained to do at the request of the American People and their government.

They were supplied by our tax money, trained by our other warriors, given orders by a Commander in Chief elected by the people, and waged a war we sent them to wage. They did their job, a job most of us wouldn’t have the guts or skills to do. They died, watched their buddies die, and came back less than physically and or emotionally whole. If that wasn’t enough, now we prosecute them.

Heinous, to say the least.

But NOW, many of you would proclaim them to be murderers and assaulters of innocent foreign  nationals asleep in their homes with their families. Just regular folks. And all that after an illegal incursion into a sovereign nation, under the cover of darkness, without even passing a note or tweeting that we would be stopping by.

Listen, if OBL was not the target and the victim of this raid in Pakistan, we have Navy Seals that have breached and trampled on intenational law, committed murder and mayhem in a foreign country just to pacify a few voters. We now have a fresh batch of America’s finest to incarcerate for war crimes. Your conspiracy becomes a bit sticky. The surviving 12 year old daughter recounted how they killed her father, whom she called Osama bin Laden, (apparently someone recruited her as well) and hauled his body out of the compound.

If a hoax, our guys are also guilty of leaving a massive pile of high tech stealth helicopter rubble in someone’s yard. Untold millions in waste.

For you to claim our fighting forces, that have been maligned and prosecuted by this very administration, became his pawns, bowed and illegally did his bidding on foreign soil is a slap in the face…and I have to counter with a slap back. Here’s my other conspiracy theory;

Your President doesn’t have the balls to do what needs to be done to protect this country. Our forces spent over 9 years and countless lives working to find and dispatch this target. Potus was informed when they verified his presence in the compound. He waffled. “What do I do? Michelle, what would Bill Ayers do?”

Potus slept on it for almost a full day before having his feeble, limp wristed,  never worked a day in his life, arm twisted by the Military Brass and his own handlers. It was probably already completed before his 9 rounds of golf were interrupted in order to watch a recap of the mission on video.

Any votes garnered will be negligible.

Our military are heroes, politicians are ….well, politicians.

Next time elect a leader

Not everything is a conspiracy

Do NOT impugn our Military and/or its secret, hardened, heavily trained ops members.

Wake up and back down from a few of your pet conspiracies.



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