Making the Net Work

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.–Edmund Burke

That quote was posted by a fellow patriot and it reminded me of the need to address the current state of affairs in the ranks of those that would call themselves Patriots. At Social Networking sites across the internet folks gather to share and debate, inform and, well lately, castigate, deride, and ambush. Some, for some unknown reason, wait in the shadows behind their computer screens and pounce on those that would dare post a comment or news item that does not fit their cause criteria.

On one site, a new member was immediately called a dupe by a long-time member for speaking out against Islam. She returned a volley. He countered by letting her know he was armed to the teeth in case she wanted to track him down at his home. The central bankers were more of a threat in his mind than Islamic terror so he threatened to shoot a fellow American. Ludicrous! Paranoia. No debate, no room for other opinions, no comradery.

The enemies of freedom, in formation, have marched closer.

 “A house divided against itself cannot stand“. Abraham Lincoln spoke those words in June of 1858  while accepting the Republican nomination. Lincoln was quoting the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 12:25  Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”  Desolation….

We are threatened on every side in this current age of Political Correctness and dismissal of American Exceptionalism and pride. Leftists, Socialists, Unionists, Communists, Islamists. Seems like everybody on the -ists list is coming at us at the same time. They are. There is strength in numbers and they are smart enough to know that. Are Patriots?

Even Hamas and Fatah have forged a tenuous alliance in order to meet and achieve their goals of annihilation of Israel. Israel now stands alone. This administration has blatantly turned its back on them and, against the will of the American people, is providing their enemies with millions in financial aid.

In America the news media, entertainment industry,  bloated and empowered union political machines, Socialist and Communist Party members are all on the same side, working toward common goals. Patriots snipe at other Patriots from the safety of their jammies and computers. The left is willing to draw blood. “Patriots” have pissing contests over whose cause is more important than others.

In his book, “God’s Battallions”, Sociologist and Historian Rodney Stark makes the following observation regarding the successful recruitment of Crusader armies: “…this is entirely consistent with a very large social scientific literature on recruitment to social movements, be they political campaigns or new religions. People become active in social movements in response to the fact that many of their friends, relatives, or other close associates have already done so. Put another way, collective social activities are not the summation of a number of  independent choices made by individuals; rather they are the product of  social networks.” He also states that “networks form the basis for joining social movements.”

We have one of the greatest weapons at our disposal! We’ve seen it in use to topple governments in the Middle-East. People networking for a common cause and achieving massive results! The feuding Kingdoms of Europe were able to amass finances, troops, and support by means of  setting aside long standing political and familial conflicts, networking on a primitive level and marching toward a common goal. Different languages, cultures, and ideologies were set aside as the strengths of each group were utilized. Victory was soon to be had. Islam was finally turned back at the Gates of Vienna in 1683. Europe was saved….

….until the age of Multi-Culti PC wrought the devastating effects you see on the news daily. The U.S. is well on her way to the same demise.

Stand. Unite. Fight.

Use these networks to unify an alliance that will withstand the daily attacks from all the -ists that would fundamentally change America. Fb is still a powerful networking tool, but not for you or your Patriot friends. They have made it clear that we are the opposition and cannot be trusted with free speech on their powerful platform. Congregate, elevate, encourage, support, inform, join, lead, follow, and stand. ” Having done all, stand”.

Stand and be heard, stand together, stand shoulder to shoulder, Stand and shout, dammit!

America’s demise is the goal of many, both foreign and domestic. Walk away from the scud launches of the false Patriots and align yourself with those that would see this nation rise to greatness again. Do it for you, do it for your children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

See you in the trenches, Nunquam Summitto!



2 thoughts on “Making the Net Work

  1. Good Job!! Getting started can be difficult, but it does get better. You have made a great start and we hope to see more from you. Don’t forget, if you publish commentary here, send it to the ITF and we’ll do the same. There is nothing nicer then to see your articles posted all over the place.

  2. Appreciate it much! Got to stick together in this fight.

    “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated,
    but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.
    Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

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