Interview With An Infidel (Pt 5)

That was twelve years ago.

He went on and on about the dangers of Islam and how the ‘Islamists’ were bent on ruling the world and how that one thing had been the driving force of the religion (or ‘Ideology’ as he put it) for over 1400 years. He quoted the Qur’an from memory and denounced Mohammed as a pedophile, necrophile, pirate, bandit, false prophet, demon worshipper, terrorist, and madman.

He proclaimed The Crusades were 400 years late and a hastily assembled, last-ditch effort to save Europe from the Muslim Hordes. Without the advent of Islam, he said, there never would have been Crusader armies in the Middle-East. If not for Islam, the U.S. would not have a sea-worthy Navy. Only because of the Barbary Pirates (he called them Muslim terrorists and extortionists) attacking and plundering American merchant vessels and holding crews for ransom were American ships built and commissioned. He likened them to Somali Pirates today. “Muslim thugs in boats” he called them.

“That’s what Mohammed did, so that’s what they do. ‘Monkey see, monkey do.’ To his followers he was a shining example of a perfect Muslim. He raided and plundered, They do the same. He took a 6 year old as a bride, they do the same. He made treaties with others just to break them, they do the same. He ordered and participated in the murder and beheadings of more than 600 Jews. They still follow suit to this day. Their violent and hateful ideology was spread by the sword and history attests to it. There’s no denying it!”

“They are the same people now with the same mentality and vicious ideology as they were 1400 years ago. Their book has not changed, their goal has not changed. There will never be a peaceful co-existence with them. They don’t want to co-exist, they want to DOMINATE!  They will continue to immigrate, proselytize, wage lawfare jihad, sue, play the victim, and strike terror into others until people either submit and convert, pay a tax for not being Muslim, or wind up dead for refusing.”

He went on to lay out an apocalyptic  scenario of massive immigration, “no-go zones’ and radical Muslim enclaves all over the country. The legal system being forced to allow for Sharia mandates and judicial decisions. I quietly dismissed most of what he was saying. We have an iron-clad Constitution, Bro! This stuff is NEVER going to happen here. This is America!

He was  adamant. “They will come here. They will force their laws on us, Churches will be destroyed, women and children enslaved and raped, and our cities plundered!”

That was when I made my first mistake. Having heard the many hushed stories from the war zones, I quipped, “You talking about Muslims still or American soldiers?”

It gets dark very quickly in the desert.

I awoke a ways from the picnic table with a skull-deep pain that radiated sharply from my left cheekbone and wrapped around my entire head in a continuous, throbbing reminder of just how fast this guy was. My mouth was dry and tainted with the bitter taste of dirt and gravel impregnated with decades of oil drips and tire wear. My hair and clothes had also become the landing place for a very good amount of rooster tail that had obviously been propelled by his back tire upon his exit.

I left that meeting wincing with pain, but salivating at the character assassination I would soon be delivering. I stopped for a couple of Red Bulls and a bottle of Advil to keep the pain down and the creative juices flowing on the drive home. I was gonna nail this guy to a cross!

That was twelve years ago.


One thought on “Interview With An Infidel (Pt 5)

  1. “Interview with a Infidel” Excellent.

    A story – an introduction – that I wish I had the talent to write and publish anywhere anyone would or could read it.

    You wrote it and you do have what I wish I had as well.

    Trouble is…just like the thousands upon thousands of others in/on the world wide web…is getting your words in front of their eyes and (if you do) making it interesting enough so that they read more than the first paragraph.

    Funny you mention 12 years ago as a starting point or at least a pivot point. Most would have used a 9/11 I suppose if writing about Islam or Muslims or terror revisited or to come.

    Some mark that date as to when they were awoken or jolted out of their consumer daze or were reminded that life liberty and the pursuit of whatever is not written in stone or fire or brimstone, but is only available to those who believe in it enough to protect it, even with their lives.

    Back to getting people to read and think about what you write. It is hard as I’m sure you well know, because people are just people and they all have more to worry about than what somebody they never even heard of thinks or writes. And a large portion of their time on the web, on their computer is not spent reading blogs, unless they are “foodie”, recipe, news, weather blogs or the blogs of their relatives or friends. OR that national addiction: facebook. Yea, you will find me there too – but I resisted for years, so give me a little credit, even if I don’t. But I haven’t been there long and am thinking of moving on to Freedom Torch: I didn’t know about the history of facebook until yesterday, depressing and I feel tainted just by my membership there.

    Anyway, sorry for the book, but really enjoyed your writing. Are you writing more chapters? I really hope so. Anyway I’m going to try and link 1-4 and then 5 alone to my profile at fb.

    Not many read my page – but acorns and all, you know…

    Take care and thank you.

    Papa Ray

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