Understanding Islam: ‘Taysir’

Understanding Islam: Taysir
A. Rowley 9/12/11

The recent Anthony Weiner incident disappeared from the media quickly after he resigned his position as a New York Congressmen (Dem. Brooklyn, Queens), but still unanswered are two important puzzling questions: (1) How could Weiner, a Jew, have married Huma Abedin, a Muslim; and (2) How could Huma have married a non Muslim? The Qur’an and Islamic law, sharia, clearly forbid a Muslim woman from marrying anyone who is not a Muslim.

One possible answer may be that Weiner secretly converted to Islam before marrying Ms. Abedin. This is not without precedence. Prominent GOP mover-shaker Grover Norquist apparently converted to Islam before marrying a practicing Muslim woman in 2004. Ever since he has refused to answer questions regarding his religious convictions. He continues to enjoy great influence in Republican and conservative circles where he heads the largest GOP Political Action Committee, Americans for Tax Reform, and is national chairman of the Reagan Legacy Project. He has also served as a Director of the NRA.
Another possible explanation may be found in a little-known provision of sharia called “taysir”. Translated, taysir means “easing the burden” or “lightening the load”. It is based upon Qur’an 4:28 “Allah doth wish to lighten your difficulties, for man was created weak”.

The taysir provision of Sharia excuses Muslims from complying with the doctrines and demands of Islam when they live where sharia is not the law of the land or where they might find it difficult or impossible to live and earn a living and still keep all aspects of Islamic law. Thus it is not necessary to observe scheduled prayer times if one’s job does not allow this. It is not necessary to be veiled if one’s employer prohibits it. It is permissible to handle haram (forbidden) products such as pork and liquor if this is part of one’s job. Insurance is considered a form of gambling and is forbidden, but a Muslim may purchase automobile, property, or health insurance if required to do so by our laws or contractual provisions. Interest, regarded as usury, is also haram but a Muslim may pay interest on a mortgage or loan if no sharia-compliant non-interest bearing financing is available. …or receive interest on a savings account.

Huma Abedin has enjoyed a very close personal relationship with Hillary Clinton since 2006 and is regarded as her personal confidante. Now that Hillary serves as Secretary of State, Huma serves as her close advisor and assistant and undoubted has access to highly classified State Department and foreign policy matters. Her marriage to Congressman Weiner was officiated by William Jefferson Clinton. These contacts place her in a position to be of immense value to the Islamists who direct the stealth jihad against the U.S.

Is it not significant that after her husband was exposed for having posted sexually suggestive email to various underage girls, that her imam has advised her to “stand by her husband”?

Muslims do not want Americans to become aware of the provisions of taysir. One of their tactics includes making ever-increasing demands for “accommodation” of their beliefs and practices. We are to provide them with prayer rooms, foot baths, separate athletic facilities and halal foods. We are expected to observe their prayer times and Muslim holidays. We are to permit them be photographed veiled on drivers licenses and photo IDs. They demand these as religious rights which must be recognized under our First Amendment. It is their way of forcing ever more acceptance of sharia upon us in their non-violent jihad to conquer us from within and ultimately rule us according to Islamic law. This is what their “religion” demands.

Were we to widely understand the provisions of taysir, their demands for “accommodation” could obtain little traction; we could simply deny them and remind them that taysir permits them to abide by our customs, work practices and our laws.

After all, this is America, not Islam.

Raymond Ibrahim has also explained taysir in the following piece:

Top Muslim Cleric Qaradawi Urges Western Muslims to ‘Liberalize’


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