Excellent! Lawfare, in it’s very essence, is designed to financially cripple its target. This decision is a pushback that is desperately needed.

Creeping Sharia

…at the Arab/Muslim festival. via the American Freedom Law CenterCourt Awards Attorneys’ Fees Against the City of Dearborn, Michigan for Violating a Christian Pastor’s Right to Freedom of Speech . h/t Atlas Shrugs – Huge Victory!

Today, a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Detroit, Michigan recommended that Robert J. Muise, the attorney for Christian Pastor George Saieg, be awarded $103,401.96 in fees and costs for successfully challenging the City of Dearborn’s restriction on the Christian’s right to freedom of speech at the 2009 Arab Festival held in the City.  The City, not wanting to offend its large Muslim population, would not allow the Christian to hand out religious literature at the Festival.

In the order, the federal judge stated, “In this case, the Plaintiff received the full relief he sought — an invalidation of the leafleting restriction and a permanent injunction barring its enforcement. . . .  Because…

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