Hmmmm…..Maybe it is rude, Governor Jan. But he has been putting his finger in our faces for quite some time now.

So, it’s okay if you are the president….


…and even if you are a news anchorman pointing at the President:


But it is not okay if you point at the President if you are:

A) A Governor? 

B) A Woman?


C) A Caucasian?










Response to the uproar by Congressman Allen West:

“According to a pundit on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC TV show, Gov Jan Brewer’s finger pointing is now being called, yes, racist. Funny thing, all the vicious personal attacks from liberals against me…..no one has ever said anything about racism. The hypocrisy is laughable, Conservative African-Americans have no protections I suppose in the view of liberals. Anyways, I can stand on my own, no crutches necessary.”– Congressman Allen West



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