Fatwa On Islam Dissects U.S. Intel’s “Worldwide Threat Assessment”

Today (Feb 2 2012) the Fatwa On Islam website posted a great review of the newly published Worldwide Threat Assessment prepared by U.S. Intelligence and released by James R. Clapper, Director Of National Intelligence.

“On Tuesday, most media outlets reported on the 30 page “worldwide threat assessment” submitted to Congress by US Intel. There was lots of talk about a “weakened Al-Qaeda” and a “more dangerous Iran”. It’s seemed like everyone was making a fairly big deal over the Iranian assessment, so I read the report to see what all what all the excitement was about. Here’s my two cents on the assessment and the threat from Iran…”

Read more of the review here as well as a comprehensive list of rebuttals to the somewhat optimistic assessment proffered by the Director. If you remember, Clapper is the official that publicly proclaimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was “Largely Secular”


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