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UPDATE 02/06/2012

After reblogging this post from CounterJihad Knights, I received a response from a reader claiming this story to be a hoax. The commenter, QLineOrientalist, linked to a story on his own blogsite refuting the claims. Since the proud owner of the blog is Dr. Evan Siegel, I would assume the comment was his. You can read his rebuttal of the story here: http://www.qlineorientalist.com/IranRises/category/misinformation/taraneh-mousavi-misinformation/ .

 I did a little digging of my own and found more questions than answers. Here are a couple of internet links related to the story:



Siegel disputes it, as do Iranian officials. Others do not. You do your own due diligence and decide for yourself. 

From Dr. Siegel’s Wikipedia page; “Siegel’s interest in the history of the Middle East and his numerous publications and conferences have established him as a prominent expert of the field in the academic circles.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Siegel

Siegel is definitely enamored with the Persian/Iranian culture and has written extensively on the subject.  What struck me about the good Dr. is, that even though his religion is listed as Judaism on the Wiki page and he claims in one article to be no friend of the Ikhwan, he employs the “Islamaphobe” label when referring to the folks over at Bare Naked Islam after they utilized an obviously photoshopped image of Code Pink. A ghastly mistake on their part to say the least. His timeline of the interaction is here.

So we have differing reports from alternate views in a world of constant turmoil. Who knows?

Thank you for your comment, Dr. Siegel.






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