Two choices; Either stand up and resist or bend over and take it.

Creeping Sharia

Better stand quick, there is an aggressive promotion of Islamic sharia law in Kansas ongoing, via Kansans called to stand against sharia (

A radical Islamic organization known as the Islamic Circle of North America has lately been running paid radio commercials and billboards in Kansas City to promote its “National Sharia Campaign.” It offers a hotline and a website for people who want to know more about sharia law and Islam as a whole.

But Donna Lippoldt of the Culture Shield Network (CSN) says the campaign is nothing more than Islamic propaganda aimed at whitewashing the negative aspects of Islam.

“Sharia law says that a man can just declare that he is divorced, and a woman has no recourse; a man can have multiple wives, and a woman just has to be silenced and abused,” Lippoldt notes.

She suspects that the Islamists are trying to head off Senate…

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