Week Of The American Dhimmis, or Of The Weak American Dhimmis

In just this past week alone, we have witnessed several instances of official acts of weakness, grovelling, and application of Sharia here in America. Not the Citizens of America, but the leadership. From the highest office in the land to military brass, to the Judge on the bench.

We all know that because prisoners were passing information in taxpayer provided religious propaganda materials, these publications were confiscated and burned. Among the items were korans. Oops.

President Obama has apologized to the corrupt President Karzai twice, promising  to ” take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, including holding accountable those responsible,”. Now what exactly does that mean seeing that Karzai has demanded the arrest of those responsible and has appointed a team of Muslim scholars to prosecute them.

Will Obama bow (once again) to another foreign leader and foreign Sharia Law, allowing U.S. Personnel to be tried and executed? Couldn’t happen? I’m not so sure…

General John Allen,  American Nato Commander, recorded his own “sincerest apology’ to “The noble people of Afghanistan”, complete with a fake Afghan accent and Islamic greetings, completely bending over for the enemy. These are the same noble people that produce acres of poppies for opium, harbored the Taliban and Al Qaeda, use little boys for sex, and treat their women like crap.

Back here at home, Judge Mark Martin, having lived half his life in foreign countries and a recent convert to that same foreign religion, scolded the assault victim of  an immigrant Muslim. The righteously angered Muslim was just doing what he had to do since the victim offended him. Perfectly Sharia acceptable. Andrew McCarthy provides the court transcript as well as his own assessment here

The assault charges against the angry Muslim were dismissed.

Weakness invites aggression. Iran, 1979 and Jimmy Carter. Remember? How’s that working out for us? Weakness of an enemy is an opportunity to attack. Islam has shown this time and again for 1400 years!

The people of this great country might have  awakened and see the danger ahead, but the establishment obviously does not.

General Allen’s video bendover:


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