Over a billion in endowments as well as your tax dollars….higher education?

Political Arena

UPDATE – Harvard Anti-Israel Conference: The Jewish People Do Not Exist – LINK

Make no mistake, when jihadist activists team with progressives on campus have an event called “the one state solution” it means taking Israel off the map for good and the Jews with it. Antisemitism is nothing new on campus as so many including Allen Dershowitz and David Horowitz have pointed out countless times; indeed this very writer has authored at least a dozen pieces on the subject. Rarely, is such genocidal bigotry this plainly stated and in your face. Usually it is thinly sugar coated with colorful euphemisms, but upon cross examination it doesn’t take long to get to the true intent that everyone is perfectly aware of. If you have any doubts about just how bad this problem is, this video should help bring you up to speed. Keep in mind that there are very few…

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