AIPAC: Commentary, Contrasts, and Contemplation

Congressman Allen West attended Monday night’s AIPAC event and posted his thoughts on his Face Book page:

“We can ill afford for history to repeat itself. Sanctions only work when a regime considers the welfare of its people; such is not the case with Iran. PM Netanyahu was correct, Israel is a soveriegn State which need not ask for permission to defend itself. Neville Chamberlain proved that one cannot compromise or negotiate with a madman. I have seen the face of war and know its results…but I shall not allow evil to prevail. God bless Israel!”

Indeed, Colonel.

Watching the telecast myself, I could not help but ponder the disparity between our President and Israel’s Prime Minister.

This pic of their younger days sums it up for me:

…and because I ride, a little Allen West himself. Hooah!


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