These atrocities happen everyday, are sanctioned by their religion, protected by their courts, and administered by family members. Where is the outrage? Well, here in America, it is focused on a radio personality over a WORD.

Creeping Sharia

Roger Ebert titled his piece, ‘The heartbreaking truth of women disfigured by their husbands‘. Unfortunately he all but rules out Islam and sharia as part of the problem despite Pakistan being created by and for Muslims. Nonetheless, if you have HBO, it is an award-winning documentary that exposes some of the cruelty being perpetrated by Muslims even if it doesn’t say so.

If you don’t have HBO please check out National Geographic’s video on Honor Killing. It’s a few years old, back when journalists weren’t terrified to report that Muslims actually can, and do, do evil things. Today it’s essentially against the law to speak about the reality of Islam.


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  1. It’s up to US to change this focus. You guys/gals of the CJK are doing one hell of a job!

  2. @!$%!!#@ Some damn reason unable to tweet this post directly from here. Internet Explorer interfering. Will RT when it shows up on twitter.

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