“If in the performance of your duty, you are required to handle a Quran or other Islamic Religious Material, you should use a clean cloth or clean gloves.” — I call BULL$&%T!!!!

Creeping Sharia

Words can’t describe this. Except this one: Dhimmitude!

via Atlas Shrugs h/t & title via Answering MuslimsSharia in the US Military: Latest Islamic Training Guide for Military and Contractors .

Slide 5 – Cultural Sensitivity

Verbal disrespect for Islam and/or the Quran is considered as inappropriate as physical desecration of the Quran. Insulting the Quran is an act of blasphemy.

Expect to encounter a copy of the Quran of other Islamic Religious Materials when you search a person’s belongings or home. Ask the person or homeowner to remove the sacred text or place it in a secure location before conducting a search.

Insurgents will use even perceived disrespect to Islam and/or the Quran to their advantage to substantiate their claim that NATO ISAF forces are dishonoring Afghan religious and cultural values.

Slide 6 – Handling the Quran

Non-Muslims should NEVER handle an Arabic version of the…

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