New York State Imam Pushes For National Holiday To Mark Mohammed’s Birthday

Imam Mohd Qayyoom of Jackson Heights, New York has decided to embark on a campaign to set aside April 26 as a National Holiday to celebrate the birthday of Mohammed.

According to the Times Ledger of Queens, Qayyoom feels the day of celebration would bring unity. 

“Mohd Qayyoom, head of the Muhammadi Community Center, at 37-46 72nd St., said he believes having a national celebration for the prophet’s birthday would enable the growing Muslim population in America to have an annual celebration and would foster a spirit of cooperation with those of other faiths.

“We’ll give the message of peace, we’ll give the message of interfaith harmony,” Qayyoom said.

“We want one day, an annual holiday like Christmas,” he said.

Qayyoom also feels that it will give American Muslims a voice, but it may “take a little time.” 

Read the whole story here at the Times Ledger

I have a different idea; let’s celebrate ‘Bacon Awareness Day’ instead. Every April 26th we can take a day off and indulge in celebrations of bacon prepared in our favorite ways, gathered with friends and family, confident the festivities will not be attended by those followers of a pedophile, murderer, rapist, looter, pillager, slave-owner, necrophile, and bigot for fear of being defiled.

If you would like a patch to commemorate Bacon Awareness Day, contact me here and I’ll send one out.

Happy BAD!!


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