Run, Forrest, Run! There’s a REAL American Patriot Behind You!!!

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Tom Hanks is the producer of the HBO Progressive propaganda movie, “Game Change” which I have not viewed nor do I care to.

Viet Nam veteran and retired USAF Col. O. P. Ditch who runsVeterans Support Sarah Palinwas among many veterans/patriots who distributed pamphlets in front of a D.C. theater earlier this week.

The pamphlets told the truth about patriot, Sarah Palin which from what I have heard about the movie does not.  Col. Ditch among others sought only to set the record straight, which is clearly a problem for former patriot, out of the closet Progressive, Hanks who has made millions producing movies regarding the U. S. Military and our Veterans.  Not to mention, the roles that he has played.

As reported byBIG HOLLYWOOD:

“…Dressed in a ‘Vets for Sarah’ shirt and wearing what he calls his ‘uniform,’ a US Air Force Retired baseball cap…

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