The Blood Of American Soldiers- by Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation

Judson Phillips, founder of  Tea Party Nation has written an excellent article regarding the cost in American lives in the quagmire that is Afghanistan. His words ring true and are much more eloquent than mine, so here it is without commentary:

Today we are finding out that in the last six weeks, seven Americans have been killed in Afghanistan by Afghan troops. These are the men who are supposed to be our allies.  They are becoming as deadly for American soldiers as the Taliban. 

What are we doing in Afghanistan? 

What are we doing in the sandbox as a lot of the military personnel over there like to call it? 

We are losing.  

We are losing by design.  

You cannot win a war when the Commander in Chief not only does not want to win; he does everything in his power to keep our guys from winning.  Our troops know this. 

Michael Yon is an amazing writer and photographer.  He is also a former soldier with Special Forces.  He understands the military and has written about the situation in Afghanistan. 

After the mass murder last week in Afghanistan, he wrote it was not only predictable that something like this would happen, he had predicted it.   On February 24, Yon wrote: “As the prevalence of insider attacks rises, and we lose more troops to Afghan troops going berserk and murdering our people, it’s likely just a matter of time before a U.S. troop or troops turn the table and intentionally slaughter Afghan forces. 

“That could lead to a meltdown. We are at risk of losing control of more than some people might imagine. There is only so much that U.S. forces will put up with before fringe U.S. combat troops start taking matters into their own hands. Believe me.” 

Why are we in Afghanistan? 

The simple fact is we are there because of a bad idea, namely the Bush administration’s idea of nation building and now we are there because we have a President who wants to see America lose the war.  He just does not want to be blamed for that loss. 

American troops in Afghanistan are tied up by unrealistic rules of engagement that make them little more than targets.  They know they are not there to win the war.  They are just marking time until Obama can pull them out.  

They know they are not allowed to identify the enemy or take effective action against them.  They know they have to allow armed Afghans to work with them and the soldiers are reduced to praying that the next crazed Muslim seeking the 72 virgin express to paradise isn’t working next to him.  

Our soldiers know that not only is our President making it impossible for America to win in Afghanistan, we have a so-called ally in Afghan President Hamid Karzai who hates America, and all but cheers for the Taliban.  

Why should another drop of American blood be spilled there?  

Screw Afghanistan.  

We went into Afghanistan to stop the terrorists from using it as a base.   The terrorists have gone elsewhere.  It is time to follow the terrorists. 

Let’s get our soldiers the hell out of there.  

But as we leave, let’s take everything we brought with us and if we can’t take it with us, let’s blow it up.  If these savages want to live in the 7th century, so be it.   Let’s blow up every road, building, dam, power line and airstrip that has built in that open sewer of Southwest Asia.  

And as we leave, let’s give Karzai a message.  In a few months, Obama is going to be replaced with a real American.  Here’s a box of SPF 20,000 sunscreen because if you invite the terrorists back in, next time, we aren’t sending soldiers and we aren’t going to worry about collateral damage.   Next time, there will be a radioactive glass spot where the terrorist camp was and where your palace was. 

Read the original article here

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3 thoughts on “The Blood Of American Soldiers- by Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation

  1. The only thing left out here is we should BURN to the ground ever facking poppy field in the whole God forsaken place.

    Our men and woman and their families have given enough – OUT – NOW!

    • Here, Here LadyRaven, I totally agree. Burn those damned fields to the ground.

      It is long past the time that our men and women should have been out of that hell hole. They have been killing our troops since Sotero has been in office and the media chose to pretend that these murders of our men and women were not taking place.

      Enough already. Then Barry goes in an apologizes. Bring our men and women home NOW.

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