Just like the unfortunate Trayvon Martin case, the media attempts to drive the narrative.

Creeping Sharia

Conveniently for them, they are out of the country now. We’ve been watching and waiting on this despite the bizarre video Atlas Shrugs aired last week (below) and how relatives knew intimate details of the attack, both seemingly dead giveaways. Others  – Atlas and Jawa had this pegged as an honor killed from day one.

It’s starting to look like the anti-sharia anti-jihad crowd was right once again. via Shaima Alawadi murder: Authorities now eye pending divorce and troubled relationship with teen daughter in murder of Iraq-born mother | Mail Online.

A California hate crime murder that sparked an international uproar may have been a killing within the family, as police turn their investigation to her husband and teen daughter.

The Iraqi family was troubled by relationship issues before Shaima Alawadi, 32, a mother of five was beaten to death in her California home, according to newly released…

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  1. The video of daughter – questions from day one – two things. First she does the hanky thing with NO TEARS – meanwhile her mother in the hospital still alive and fighting for her life? Sorry, that does not compute on the level of normal human caring. Second – at the two minute mark – the previous pretention turns into major political spiel. Again – does not compute.

  2. What I would like to know is why we let them out of the country. Families are always suspect. Also, immediately after the whole thing, there was another video of a woman, next door neighbor, she said the glass from the “break in” was blown out into the yard, not inward.

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