Bo Perrin’s ISLAMIC READER Now Available

From The Islamic Reader website:

The Institute for Jihadi Research

Presents the Ebook:

The Islamic Reader

Islam is one of the fastest growing politico-religious movements in the United States. Islam is consumed with hate for the West, a love of violent death and a craving to make the world a one-religion world. This makes Islam a threat to both our political and religious way of life. Islam does not enter a non-Islamic country to coexist but rather to dominate, to eradicate.

Americans and especially Christians are repeating history. Many believe Islam will benefit our culture and is a peaceful religion. Islam defines world peace relationally. World peace is achieved when everyone is either a Muslim or dhimmi which means the unbeliever is dead. Shar’ ia does not provide for freedom of speech, religion, marriage, political choice nor civil disobedience. Islam is a totalitarian political system (Caliphate) which forces everyone to believe the one and same religion, sharia).

Another mistake is to believe that separating the political from the religious in Islam is possible. This is delusional. Every accepted Islamic scholar argues that the political and religious are inseparable in Islam because to separate them would violate the concept of tawhid (monotheism). So, we must approach Islam as a unity in which politics and religion is so meshed as to be inseparable. There is no political Islam or religious Islam. There is merely Islam.

Why another book about Islam? The vast majority of the books are written to (1) warn non-Muslims about the dangers of Islamic jihadi groups or (2) compare Islam religiously with Christianity. Most of these works do a great job. There is a dearth of books which answer the question of why Islam is incompatible with Western values. The Islamic Reader incontestably reveals that when Islam is properly interpreted it is incompatible with our values.

The Islamic Reader is neither superficial nor very deep. It is challenging. The Islamic Reader is written for the individual who has an interest in this subject, limited knowledge of the issues but wants really to understand the ideology we are up against. The Islamic Reader also challenges the notion that there is such a thing as radical Islam. The only person who has hijacked Islam is the “moderate.”

When the Qur’ an is placed in proper chronological and historical order and Islamic interpretation is properly applied it becomes clear that the radical Muslim is clearly the faithful Muslim and the moderate is unfaithful.

The Islamic Reader covers Islamic monotheism, the Qur’ an, the Sunna, Jihad, the Islamic Center and the Shar’ ia. I have removed the fluff and reduced each subject to its most important points while exposing its greatest ideological dangers.

The Islamic Reader, 117 pages, $5.00


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