Michelle Bachmann Responds To Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s “Concerns”

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota responds to Muslim Congressman Hakim Muhammad… or Keith Ellison… or Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison or Keith Ellison Muhammad …whatever! (he has more aliases that the President) Congresswoman Bachmann has valid concerns over the infiltration of friends of the Muslim Brotherhood in high places in our Federal Government (namely Anthony Weiner’s Muslim wife and aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin).

Ellison complained, of course, and Bachmann replies quite eloquently. The 16 page letter with references and annotations is linked below as a pdf. 


It can also be read at Congresswoman Bachmann’s official site here: Letter To Ellison


One thought on “Michelle Bachmann Responds To Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s “Concerns”

  1. Giving Congressman Keith Ellison press coverage over his disdain for Michele Bachmann’s latest crusade is laughable. Ellison voted to make your industry less competitive with is vote for CAP and Trade! He voted his people the largest tax increase in history with vote for ObamaCare. Ellison does not care about our US Constitution, our ability to compete with China , our staggering debt or national security. He most like agrees with Obama that all businessmen and successful shop owners are blood sucking capitalist who only made it because of big government. God bless Michele Bachmann for questioning the Fort Hood Massacre and Hillary Clinton’s , long time aid, Huma Abedin , whose perverted husband, Anthony Weiner, was forced to resign from Congress in disgrace. Huma’s ties to radical Muslim relatives has to be fully investigated.

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