Hollywood Hypocrisy and Socialist Reciprocity- by Judson Phillips

by Judson Phillips, Founder, Tea Party Nation 

Anyone else tired of the people from Hollywood and their hypocrisy?

Joss Wheldon is the latest spoiled Hollywood figure to go on a rant about socialism. He is appalled that real Americans think that Barack Obama is a socialist. He is also appalled that we are not being more socialist.

Well, he isn’t the only one in Hollywood who thinks socialism is wonderful. Perhaps it is time to make them live up to their standards.

They demand a progressive tax code. Fine, let’s start with them.

Let’s make a new tax code just for Hollywood. Let’s hit them with a progressive tax code. A very progressive tax code.

Thanks to the Obamacare tax decision, the federal government has new taxing authority. So let’s tax Hollywood.

Let’s set a new tax for Hollywood. Anyone in the movie industry pays a 100% tax rate on any income over minimum wage. Let’s close all of the tax loopholes that Hollywood studios use to make a profit. Let’s tax everyone associated with the movie industry. Let’s tax the actors, directors, writers, producers and the investors.

Let’s tax them all.

Let’s set their tax rate at 100% for any income above minimum wage.

How’s that for a progressive tax rate?

All of that money they make can go to the government to pay for all of these programs they think the government should be funding.

Does anyone really believe Hollywood would go for this?

Of course not. They are like socialists everywhere. They are hypocrites. They do not want to pay taxes. They want to mouth their liberal platitudes but want other people to pay the bills.

Just look at what liberals do. They use lawyers and accountants to minimize their tax burdens.

We conservatives do the same thing. We just aren’t screaming for higher taxes and demanding people pay their “fair share.”

Liberals do not donate to government. Conservatives do not donate to government either but then again, we are not screaming for people to give government more money either.

When is someone going to call these Hollywood hypocrites out?

If they want higher taxes, then they should be the first to pay. They think America is an unjust society, fine then leave. If you think the free enterprise system is evil, then take all of the money you’ve earned via capitalism and give it away.

Don’t work on that next movie so you can fly in private jets. Instead, work and give all of that money to the poor.

And unless you do that, don’t let us hear from your hypocritical mouths again.

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 group of like-minded people who desire our God-given individual
 freedoms written out by the Founding Fathers. We believe in Limited 
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