Europe: Muslim Immigration and the Rise of ‘Eurabia’

IN APRIL 1968 Enoch Powell, a Tory cabinet minister, destroyed his political career when he denounced mass immigration as a disaster (like the Roman, he said, I seem to see the river Tiber foaming with much blood). Today Powells arguments are becoming mainstream.
Christopher Caldwell is an American journalist who writes for the liberal Financial Times as well as the conservative Weekly Standard. He has spent the past decade studying European immigration, travelling widely and reading voraciously in an impressive variety of languages. His controversial new book repeatedly echoes Powells warnings all those years ago.

Mr Caldwell argues that Western Europe became a multi-ethnic society in a fit of absence of mind. European policymakers imported people to fill short-term job shortages. But immigrants continued to multiply even as the jobs disappeared: the number of foreign residents in Germany increased…

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