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German Troops Riot in Italy over Disney Film!

“Featuring an insulting Donald Duck, it seems like crude propaganda. Generals Patton and Clark were asked for comment, but their response was unprintable.”


“WASHINGTON (Routers) Outraged over the insult to their Fuehrer by a film recently released by RKO, German troops reportedly engaged in violent attacks on Americans attempting to consolidate a beach head in the area of Salerno, Italy, today. The attack was seemingly sudden and spontaneous, waged against the 31st and 45th Divisions near the villages of Altavilla and Battipaglia.

The casualties are severe. The 1st and 3d Battalions, 142nd, and the 3d Battalion, 143rd, have been thrown back from Altavilla. Company K, 143rd, has been cut off. The 1st Battalion, 142nd, has lost all except some sixty of its men. The 2nd Battalion, 143rd, has been smashed in the Sele-Calore corridor and the 1st Battalion, 157th, has been…

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