Notes from the Underground: Update From Eric Allen Bell

10/10/2012 UPDATE:

Islam is not a religion and it is not a religion of peace. There is clear publicly available evidence that I have been targeted and have a bounty placed on my head by known Islamic terrorists. I’ve received easily 100+ death threats from Muslims. Facebook will not take any action. The Federal government does not provide protect, they investigate. Protection is my own responsibility, as a private citizen. I am told that I should go into hiding and that I am free to hire private security – as if that were something I could afford. When I ask for donations, I am accused of being opportunistic.
The “Islamophobia watchdog” sites are fixated on trying to connect me with “The Innocence of Muslims” movie, which I had nothing to do with. This fans the flames of a false rumor, now reported in at least 4 English speaking Pakistani newspapers. None of these Islamic sites have expressed disapproval toward those who are threatening to kill me. When I expose these sites, they delete parts of their articles and insist I am making this all up.
Some of the people I know are afraid to contact me, to check up on me, because they are worried about their own safety. Others have backed away as soon as I put up a donations site. I cannot go outdoors, and I have been advised not to stand near windows. I have left the state I live in, am far from anyone whom I know well, and it looks like going underground is something I might have to get used to for the long haul.
All of that said, I refuse to back down or be silenced. I will be launching a new website to resume production on my documentary. I will complete this documentary from the confines of a safe house. It will be the story of how I set out to make a documentary which exposes “Islamophobia” and ended up with a bounty on my head by Islamic terrorists. This movie will reach millions of people. I am committed to seeing this through.
I am committed to staying the course. This is the time when it matters most and I will not back down. Islam may have taken away my freedom for now – but they cannot take away my freedom of speech. Information and TRUTH are the fatal enemies of Islam and I intend to keep spreading the truth no matter what. In the civilized world, we can and must end Sharia in our time!

Eric Allen Bell

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