“…liberation isn’t what the Middle East Raiders are about. And the current U.S. administration has given them a major free pass through its lack of leadership and voice.” Well said, Lyn, well said.

Lyn Leahz

– Alf Cengia –

There’s a famous scene in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark where the hero Indiana Jones and his girlfriend are tied to a post by the Nazis, while the villainous archeologist Belloq performs a ceremony prior to the opening the Ark of the Covenant. The lid is lifted off and one of the Nazi is disgusted to find that it is filled with nothing but sand. As they’re about to leave there’s a hum from the Ark and ethereal spirit beings emerge from within and fly around the group.

Just as Belloq catches a glimpse of the face of one of these beings and excitedly proclaims that “it’s beautiful” – the being morphs into a hideous monster. What transpires next can best be described as a total meltdown. Belloq and his cohorts are literally melted and destroyed by the beings.

That’s one way how I think…

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