Islamists Celebrate Hurricane Sandy As The Work Of Allah

Savages. They celebrate at every opportunity of death and destruction of the free world.

The Body Of Truth

The Body of Truth: Recently, I have found pages on which Muslims admin and converse on Facebook to be very useful in gaining an insight into their mindset, recently I have found British Muslims celebrating Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and British Muslims claiming Allah destroyed a US cinema screening the ‘Innocence of Muslims movie’ and today I found the sickening anti-American sentiment of more British Muslims in a group called Lions of Islam.

The page has over 1000 likes and a large fan base of Western Muslim followers, their posts comprise mainly of Pro-Jihad, Pro-Islamic Terrorism and anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel and anti-Western posts.

Lions of Islam is a group moderated by British Muslims, as an admin signed off a post identical to that of an admin of the Muslim Defence League, a violent, badly dressed and wannabe Jihadi group.

Lions of Islam spend a lot of time posting pictures calling…

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