Veterans and Newspapers Blast Obama on Benghazigate

Political Arena

Be sure to read about the lies and more lies from this administration. Also see Benghazigate part I (warning: long) and Benghazigate part II.

If you have read the above you know that President Obama watched in live video feed from our drones as our embassy staff was slaughtered. The CIA, State Department FEST (Foreign Emergency Support Team), Military, and the Counterterrorism Security Group were all told to stand down. Even after our Benghazi Consulate was the fourth embassy to come under attack in 24 hours. There is no excuse.

The Veterans

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), a Marine veteran, says that every meeting he has held lately is filled with veterans who want to know more about the Benghazi massacre and cover-up.  “The military no longer trusts that Obama has their back” Roberts said.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said that, veterans and the military “Have no confidence in this President as Commander in…

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