Savagery By Any Other Name Is Still Savagery

by Eric Allen Bell

Fellow Infidels: 

Tonight savages riot in London, to protest Israel defending itself against Islamic aggression. The Quran calls Jews apes and pigs. Islamic scripture literally says that one day the trees and rocks will cry out saying, “Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him”. Islamists do not hate Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because of Jews. Muhammad, considered the moral example to be followed in Islam, beheaded an entire tribe of Jews. He hated Jews worse than Hitler. Islamic scripture contains more passages, calling for the death of Jews, than Hitler’s “Mein Kompf” – a title, by the way, which translated has the exact same meaning as Jihad. Tonight, Jihadists riot in London. They have left countries, destroyed by barbaric Islamic Law, to come to the UK and demand barbaric Islamic law. To ignore Jihad is to be defeated by it. Savagery, by any other name, is still savagery.

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The “Emergency Protest” itself was called for by the Socialist Party in London as a demonstration against Israel’s response to the multitude of missiles being lobbed into their communities. The following is from the anti-Capitalist newspaper, Socialist Worker. Just another of many instances of the left’s support of the savages just as they did in WWII:

An emergency protest has been called this evening, Thursday, against Israel’s new attack on Gaza.

Protesters are to gather outside the Israeli embassy in London from 5.30pm.

Outrage is sweeping the world as Israel’s murderous assault continues today, after its assassination of Hamas’ military chief yesterday.

Its airstrikes have already killed 11 Palestinians, including young children—and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening a huge escalation in the assault.

Yet headlines across the mainstream media are instead focusing on rockets fired into Israel, as if that is what started it.


3 thoughts on “Savagery By Any Other Name Is Still Savagery

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  2. Islam delenda est! It is a vile dispicable ideology that debases its adherents and threatens every man woman and child in earth! Islam has not one redeeming attribute! It refuses to compromise, to coexist, to assimilate! The koran is the most vile book of hate, absurdity, and insanity ever written! Islam’s followers are insane, violent liars! The Koran gives only two choices! Either we submit to their cruel insane, barbaric “religion” or we are to be killed by beheading, crucifixion, or stoning! Better to give all followers of Islam their sacred and much sought after martyrdom than receive same from them! …ISLAM DELENDA EST!

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