Eric Allen Bell: Islam Is A Mental Illness

Fellow Infidels – 

Devoting oneself to follow a homicidal pedophile is called being a follower of Islam. Clearly this a mental illness. The person who is inflicted with such a mental illness is clearly a potential threat to themselves and others. But when the mentally ill hide behind the veil of “religion” we too become mentally ill, by pretending that the threat which they represent does not exist.
We become mentally ill when we look to religious leaders and politicians instead of science to treat this 1,400 year old psychiatric epidemic – one which afflicts approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide. They say that mental illness is often a family disease, just like alcoholism. It affects the entire family. Perhaps this is true about the planet as well. Our planet faces the mental illness of Islam – a psychiatric disorder which threatens those afflicted by it and everyone else. But it tell us its a religion and so we have agreed to leave it untreated.
At the end of the movie “Annie Hall” Woody Allen tells a joke: A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office and he says, “Doctor, it’s not me that I am here for. It’s my brother. He thinks he is a chicken”. The psychiatrist says to him, “So then why don’t you have him committed?” to which the man responds, “Well you see, that’s just it. I need the eggs”. In the Buddhist tradition it is believed that one suffers until they no longer see a value in their suffering. Islam is a mental illness, one that affects everyone very seriously. And yet, we go to religious leaders and politicians, people who are clearly not equipped to deal with this problem, and we say “Fix this for us”.
Islam is a mental illness that affects everyone. When we start dealing with this insanity like sane people, the threat of Islam will be defeated. Until then, perhaps we just need the eggs. There is always a profit to be made in conflict. We suffer until we no longer see a value in our suffering.
– Eric Allen Bell

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3 thoughts on “Eric Allen Bell: Islam Is A Mental Illness

  1. Although you may not be a practising Christian, you sure are very much aware of the benefits of Judeo-Christianity in the western world i.e, FREEDOM; obviously which is being threatened as we speak by the Islamic world.

    • Freedom is indeed being threatened. Whether or not Freedom can only survive when Judeo-Christian values are present, that is a different matter. Nonetheless, all of us who love our freedom and wish to preserve it must work together to take down Islam.

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