Creeping Sharia

“The Obama administration has already reached out to the Hill to educate members on the MB [Muslim Brotherhood]…” ~ RAND Corp

An incoming link to a site called “Deceptionation” links to a new RAND Corporation report entitled, “ The Muslim Brotherhood, It’s Youth, and the Implications for U.S. Engagement” referring to it as “The Deception Handbook for U.S. / Muslim Brotherhood relations in a Post-American World.” That sounds about right.

The author writes, via Selling the Muslim Brotherhood to America:

The RAND corporation’s National Defense Research Institute is a federally funded research and analysis center which is overseen by a Department of Defense advisory board in support of official administration policies and  goals.  Since my hard-earned tax dollars helped to pay for this report I was curious as to what sort of helpful advice RAND had produced as to the best way of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood’s …

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