Mychal Massie: Politicians Know This

From The Daily Rant

by Mychal Massie

America is doomed to fiscal collapse, not primarily because of a maliciously bad government, but because too many people fear losing what they’ve never had.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that raising taxes without making very deep cuts in austerity programs will accomplish nothing. It is a shell game. Politicians know this, but they are thrilled that there are enough people who do not understand this basic truth. It makes it easier for them to demagogue and employ ad hominem attacks against those of us who do understand the basic truth.

It is not only those who are committed to entitlement programs and the continuation of increased spending on same that do not fully grasp the fiscal danger we are in, but also there are also those who are, I’m sorry to say, looking at things through the same prism that the union workers at Hostess looked through. With that fact in mind, it should be fully understood that the outcome will be the same as with the Hostess’ workers.

We may not all be union employees or even supportive of unions, in fact, many may believe that it’s time to rid ourselves of all unions — but what we do not understand is that just as corporations and municipalities cannot support the weight of increasing debt and unfunded pensions, neither can the federal government. Unfunded liabilities, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, and government pensions, alone are enough for government to collapse under its own weight.

Even well-meaning, rock-solid conservatives are not willing to take cuts to see spending reduced. That is the card that trumps all other concerns for those like Obama who are committed to driving us over the fiscal cliff. Obama and the members of his “Vanguard Party” understand that this issue, above all others, can be the propellant to impel the proletariat toward a revolution.

Obama, like his mentors Lenin and Saul Alinsky before him, has found the one thing people are willing to unite against even if it means their own demise. People are willing to fight to keep the unfunded liabilities in place just as they are even though it is clearly known that doing so will cause monumental collapse.

I believe this collapse is exactly what Obama wants. You can call me crazy, but, going back to the early 1980′s, Obama argued there was a need for people to revolt. The only question was how to bring it about. The answer, it appears, is to let people think they will lose that which is already gone: Social Security and Medicare as they exist because they can no longer be funded. I debated this very issue on Fox Business Channel some time ago.

Factor in the cost of other entitlement spending and there is no way the government can sustain itself.

Raising taxes will not change things. John Stossel makes my point: “It’s fantasy to imagine that raising taxes on the rich will solve our deficit problem. If the IRS grabbed 100 percent of income over $1 million, the take would be just $616 billion. That’s only a third of this year’s deficit. Our national debt would continue to explode.” (Tax the Rich? The Rich Don’t Have Enough. Really.;; 3/4/12)

The pink elephant that the media refuses to report on, politicians don’t want you to realize is there, and many people simply do not see — is that Obama’s sensus plenior for raising taxes is, in part, to punish the so-called wealthy.

Obama is no longer trying to disguise this. He is no longer claiming increased taxes will pay the debt — he is saying the rich must pay their fair share. Fair share is a nebulous phrase because he never says what he believes their fair share is. Obama, like every good Leninist, condemns those who were blessed to reap the rewards of their labor.

I believe there is perhaps another reason Obama wants to punish the so-called wealthy, and that is to ensure that they suffer when government collapses. And let there be no doubt, government is going to collapse because it cannot support itself. The only question is how soon, and Obama has his way, it will not be long.

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