What Will Your Answer Be?

“What did you do in the Great Counterjihad, Daddy?”

What DID you do?

Counterjihad is not a club, one man’s organization, or the activity of a certain organization. Counterjihad is a means to survival.

Survival of society, survival of personal thought and expression, and, indeed, actual physical survival itself.

There are factions that would claim the movement as their own. Johnny-Come-Latelies that laid claim as recently as a year ago, are now claiming that certain groups have “hijacked” their counterjihad movement. Groups and individuals that have long battled the Islamic cancer for years.

Disappointing to say the least.

Some have joined this movement as a way to lash out and limit organized religion of any kind, calling certain religious members bigots and unacceptable in a movement against Islamic aggression while preaching their own spiritual philosophies as truth in the next breath.

On the flip side of this same coin are deeply religious folks that, instead of welcoming others to the resistance, judge, demean and excoriate those that do not believe the same way. This makes the Islamist smile…. and emboldens them.

Islam’s only distinction in it’s plunder, rape, and pillage of the world is whether or not you submit to Islam. Islam or nothing. Islam or destruction.

So my question is: What ARE you going to do in the Great Counterjihad? Bicker with and alienate others, effectively weakening the fight or will you realize that the true threat to your life and freedom come from an enemy that (to paraphrase Pat Dollard) is a beast that seeks to trample the world on the two legs of Socialism and Islam?

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Likewise, evil ideologies that stand as allies against citizens that destroy and devour each other have no opposition whatsoever.


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