Creeping Sharia

Wow. Where to start on this one.

The Obama administration and Clinton must have approved visas for the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? It is the same Muslim Brotherhood we now learn runs torture facilities to violently dehumanize opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

What is their purpose in Brooklyn? Where else in the U.S. are these terrorists going? Are they visiting the White House? How many supporters do they have in the U.S.? How much money are they raising? And finally, why did the NYPD arrest an anti-Brotherhood protester? How long until Obama invites Hamas leaders to the U.S.?

via Anger and an Arrest as a Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Visits Brooklyn – NYTimes.com.

The tension that has gripped Egypt in recent weeks over a draft constitution written by Islamists briefly erupted on a New York street on Saturday night, with the arrest of a protester who disrupted…

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