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Mil blogger and active-duty Army Master Sgt. CJ Grisham (Michelle Malkin wrote about him here) is having trouble of the Second Amendment type in Temple, Texas:

CJ Grisham
This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year old son to complete requirements for his eagle scout rank, I was illegally detained, stripped of my weapons, and arrested when I refused to voluntarily surrender them. I am a licensed CHL holder in multiple states, an active duty Master Sergeant and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. My only charge was “resisting arrest” though I was never placed under arrest until I was charged with resisting it. Confused? Me too. We were hiking down back country roads away from homes and businesses outside Temple, Texas, when the police claim they were responding to a call about a man walking down the road with a gun, something that is legal…

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  1. Grisham stinks of fraud and has for years. Toss him in the slammer. He stalked me for 2-3 years. Gisham is mentally unhinged, threatening, and dishonest to the core. He did not complete his Afghanistan tour where he saw no combat. He complained about rocket attacks, his shaking hand, and he was sent home about halfway through his tour. Grisham is a dishonest, bullying coward.


    • Michael,

      Just so you know, I’m not CJ Grisham, I’m not from Black Five, and I am not anyone you’ve ever argued with before. It’s never been worth it to tell you the truth. You’ve not been worth telling the truth to for a long time. Those who have spoken the truth to you have been relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked by you. Some, like CJ Grisham and Soldiers’ Angels, you’ve made personal projects out of. No, I have not bothered to tell you the truth. I would have to care in order to do that. But I do know you.

      CJ definitely gave you a hard time in Afghanistan. You deserved it. Your case of the “A” with CJ and the milblog community started after you began to act and write strangely while embedded in Afghanistan in 2009. I was privy to the sequence of events that brought you into conflict with CJ, Matt Burden of Black Five and others. This all started when the community reached out to you as you, yourself, began to come unhinged. Instead of hearing the concern that was conveyed towards you, you reacted poorly and lashed out.

      You and I physically spoke during this time. We had no issues, but you were standing on an airfield in Uruzgan at the time, awaiting a flight to Kandahar. You were personally invited by the director of the Counterinsurgency Training Center – Afghanistan to the week-long COIN Leaders Course. You still don’t understand what a big deal that was to have space made for a photojournalist. The CTC-A turned people away from this course every month for lack of space. You turned it down without a second thought. “Time is money,” you said.

      Yes, Mike, time is money. And wasted opportunities are wasted opportunities and missed education. You could have gained insight into what you were reporting on, but it was more important for you to just continue on. You didn’t need to learn anything because you knew it all.

      The results would manifest themselves over the course of the following four years.

      You went on to be disembedded again and again, the second time publicly going after the “crazy monkeys” at the ISAF Public Affairs Office, claiming that they were out to get you. Which is a little paranoid. Now persona non grata, you have not been in Afghanistan for several years. You tried to freelance it, but you’ve not been to that country in about three years. Yet your Twitter account still says you are in Afghanistan. I’m not saying that a misrepresentation is necessarily fraud, but for a guy who misrepresents himself to that degree to point a finger at anyone and cry, “FRAUD!” is stretching the envelope just a tad.

      You’ve had a bone in your teeth for Soldiers’ Angels. Why? They gave you money. And, when you asked them for more after you had started to go ’round the bend, you were declined. They didn’t want to support your increasingly strident rants. That’s when the attacks on SA began. Now, SA is not perfect, but have you ever SEEN what good they have done? I’ve BEEN to Landstuhl and seen what Mary Ann does for the grievously wounded and their families. It is nothing short of angelic. And that’s only ONE thing. Thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have been supported with care packages from a willing Soldiers’ Angel. But when Mary Ann wouldn’t back up your story that made it seem like you had some personal hand in saving a wounded warrior with a severe chest wound, you turned on her, and SA, viciously. Defamation.

      CJ Grisham is not perfect, either. He struggles with demons that we, as a nation, asked him to incur. I wasn’t there the day of the actions for which he was awarded a BSMV. Neither were you. But a BSMV is signed off on by a General Officer, and is not taken lightly. What we DO know is that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Jessica Lynch nor her BSMV. Just because she says she didn’t deserve hers doesn’t mean that CJ, or anyone else, didn’t deserve theirs. For you to include that in your assault on Grisham is patently ridiculous. Patently. Grisham saw fit to open up about his PTS in order to de-stigmatize the condition, so that other Soldiers would see that it’s okay to seek help. When you pick at him, for personal reasons, over his diagnosis and claim it as a reason why he should be detained, disarmed or whatever, you do not help Soldiers or their image in the community. And yet you claim to be on the side of the Soldier. Yeah… right up until the moment that they call you on your stuff. Just like Mary Ann and SA.

      You attacked Mary Ann Phillips, who is an absolutely astounding human being, for telling the truth and not backing up your story that made you and SA sound like more of a role was played in saving a Soldier than was actually the case. Mary Ann pointed this out to you privately and finally contradicted you publicly on the SA Germany blog. In return, you have ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked Soldiers’ Angels. Have you hurt them? Possibly. Are they falling, as you claim? No.

      And shame on you for hoping that they are. As I said, they are not perfect. But a LOT of warriors have been well-served by them. Some of them will NEVER forget the angel who hovered over their beds in Landstuhl. Some will never remember, because she was there when they were so deep inside themselves, anesthetized, that they were only aware of her at that moment, their memory wiped clean by the drugs. And you would sully her and her organization, which is not only selfish, but heinous.

      Mike, you haven’t been in Afghanistan for a very long time. You were borderline clueless when you were in the country and you are completely clueless now. Yet you still continue to raise money for yourself to live in Thailand. You yourself, on your fundraising page, liken yourself to Ernie Pyle. There was a time, like when I was encouraging the director of the CTC-A to allow you to come and take the class and report on what you found, that I thought you COULD be the Ernie Pyle of this generation. And slowly, over time, you convinced me that you are not. You took a left turn at Albuquerque, Mike, and you’re NEVER going to get to Pismo Beach. You weren’t that guy. You aren’t that guy. You aren’t the voice of the Soldier or Marine. You have attacked more Soldiers, Sailors and Marines than you have ever made heroes of. You have done it selfishly. Your attacks on Grisham are selfish and petty. You act like you are saving the world from CJ Grisham.

      Dude, get a real cause. Seriously. The world doesn’t need saving from Grisham. That tired shit about the red crosses on helicopters was pretty inane, but saving the world from CJ Grisham is like saving the world from penguins. It just doesn’t need to be done. Thanks for thinking of us, though.

      Except you weren’t. You weren’t thinking of us.

      You were raising money. For a couple of years, whenever you ran low on funds, you would kick CJ Grisham and he would lash out in return… and you would make a big deal out of it and funds would flow. Since 2011, a kick at Grisham results in nothing. Nothing. And that simply doesn’t help your bottom line so much. If anyone is stalking, if anyone is obsessed, it is you. The failure of your career, the loss of that potential Ernie Pyle, was a huge disappointment to me. Seriously. At one point, I really, seriously thought you were that guy.

      Now, you’ve slipped into madness and irrelevance. Some out there are too simple to realize that you’ve long since lost it. But little by little, it’s slipping away. You keep up the trappings of what you almost were… like your Twitter account that says you are in Afghanistan… but you’re truly a sad, sad little man. I’m sure you’ll see this, and I’m sure it’ll fall on your deaf ears with as much impact as a feather against a mountain. You are nothing if not intransigent. But, just so you know, you’re fooling fewer and fewer people. Really, CJ Grisham’s problems have absolutely nothing to do with you. Nothing.

      Eventually… and it’s not going to take that long… you’ll complete burning all of your bridges and you will be what you have moved inexorably towards since 2009: nothing.

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