Creeping Sharia

via Cabbies Flouting Parking Rules for Mosque Prayer Services, Locals Say – DNAinfo.com New York.


EAST VILLAGE — A popular mosque and Islamic community center is drawing a steady stream of cabs that clog streets and flout parking rules so their drivers can attend prayer services, according to local business owners and residents.

The numerous services each day at the Madina Masjid mosque and Islamic Center of America at the corner of East 11th Street and First Avenue is disrupting area business, with mostly cabbies filling metered spaces and parking in front of fire hydrants, in truck loading zones and in bus lanes, locals said.

Though parking for prayer services has been an issue since the religious institution first opened in 1979, tenants noted, mosque members said that they still haven’t been allocated official parking on the street or avenue, and remind members to follow street rules.

“They can…

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